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Selasa, 15 Juli 2014

Threaded Comment not working?

Do you have a problem with your threaded comment? Is it that your comments can not thread or that the reply button is not working? Or maybe that your threaded comment just have two maxdepth? In that cases, maybe you want to continue reading my post.

Download Template Blogger "GamesZone" dengan Threaded Comment

Mau template blogger yang keren seperti template blog saya? Hahaha, boleh-boleh aja. Kali ini saya bagikan deh source code template blog saya ini. Awalnya nama template blog ini adalah "Gameszone". Nah, setelah saya modif sedikit saya menamainya "Aswad". Oh iya, jangan lupa ya, template blogger boleh dipakai sesuka apapun, mau dimodif, dikomersialkan, yang penting jangan ubah footernya.